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On Working With VR Hardware Manufacturers

If you are a VR game developer and you ever have the good fortune of being asked by a hardware manufacturer to collaborate, go for it!

Our first collaboration was with Hardlight VR – a really cool haptic suit that allows players to feel contact with enemies. Our second collaboration was with VAQSO – a VR scent enabler which allows players to smell gun powder and blood while playing our game.

Hardlight VR showcased their haptic suit using Sairento VR in major events like Pax East and Pax West. The cool part is we were not even there! VAQSO gave us a booth at the recent Tokyo Game Show, brought in the press and really took good care of us when we were there.

We cannot express our gratitude to both companies enough for the opportunities to collaborate and showcase our game through their wonderful products.

For VR game developers, I would encourage you to actively seek out opportunities to work with hardware developers, especially the ones that have yet to launch their Kickstarter campaigns or launch in the market. Such collaborations with quality VR hardware manufacturers like Hardlight VR and VAQSO are a win-win for all parties.

VR hardware manufacturers, if you are reading this, we are always happy to consider collaborations. Please reach out to me anytime if you have a product you think can benefit from working with us.