Facebook needs no introduction.

As an indie game developer, it is essential that you are on this social media platform as a means to reach out to people who may be interested in your game.

Since I am mainly on the topic of marketing your game to people who would be interesting in giving you money to play your game, this is not about getting onto the Indie Developers groups to talk about your game. Let’s put it this way, those groups are better for getting feedback on your game and comradery to keep your spirits high. But fellow developers are less likely to purchase your game.

Rather, you want to target groups where gamers go because these are people much more likely to buy your game.

For Sairento VR, I joined groups such as SteamVR, OpenVR and HTC Vive Owners whose members are likely owners of VR headsets and interested in VR games and built up rapport there. I mingled with the members, commented on threads whenever I could afford the time, and made friends with as many people as I could. Over time, I built up a relationship with the community and could share updates about Sairento VR without drawing flack from the members.

If you make PC games, consider joining groups like PC Gamers, Gaming Zone and We Are Gamers. There are in fact a lot more such groups.

Just a few things to remember. Be genuine. Be polite. Be helpful. Don’t over promote your own agenda. Give first before thinking about receiving. Don’t ever get into altercations. Be appreciative of any feedback, bad or good.

If You Have Some Marketing Budget

If you have some money to spend on marketing, consider creating sniffy videos of your game in action and promoting it using Video Views.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can easily target groups of people according to their preferences and demographics. First figure out which country you want to target, which gender, which age group, which language and finally the interest groups, for example – gaming, video games, pc games, casual games, fps games, arcade action, etc.

Marketing Games On Facebook

I’ve been consistently promoting this video clip to gamers for many months and the results I get from this one marketing exercise has been phenomenal. I’ve received over a hundred thousand views and hundreds of shares and likes (at the time of this writing). The damage is just about $600 over 4 months.