Nasty reviews are just simply demoralizing and stick out like a sore thumb.

Yet nasty reviews can be categorized into the ‘good nasty reviews’ and the ‘bad nasty reviews’. Let’s call them the GNR and the BNR for short. The GNR can be salvaged and eventually turned into a positive review while the BNR are usually lost causes.

Let me elaborate.

Good Nasty Reviews 

The GNR are good intrinsically because the reviewer usually means what he says and says it out of good intention, just that he doesn’t believe that the game deserves a thumbs up at this moment. However, he is prepared to swing to the positive side once you’ve addressed his concerns and irritation.

There were many occasions when we encountered customers on Steam who bought Sairento VR and gave us a negative review. Often their reasons were valid and they provided very clear descriptions of what made them unhappy about our game. We engaged them and thanked them for their feedback. Then we went about resolving those issues before going back to them. More often than not, they were so impressed by our willingness to listen to them and make amendments to those issues they highlighted that they converted their original negative review to a positive one immediately.

Bad Nasty Reviews 

Ever met people in life who just believe in putting you down no matter what you do and how well you do it?

This is one of those instances.

People who give you BNR just want to do so without a good valid reason. They will give you a negative review without explaining clearly what they dislike about your game. Sometimes they will just be outright blatant and proclaim that they hate everything about your game or cook up some lame excuse like your game is not working for them even though they have clocked 15 hours playing it.

Unfortunately we will never know why haters hate. A competitor? Your arch enemy? A sore loser? Who knows?

My advice dealing with this group of people is just to acknowledge their review politely and ask if there is anything you can do to improve their opinion. From my experience they will usually not reply. Just move on from there.

If your game is good, eventually the good reviews will drown out the bad ones.